Israel Sauri
Great place to get a facial, Tania was very knowledgeable and explained everything she was doing going to do, also the facial felt great. Definitely coming back soon
Israel S.
I did a facial with Tania and she showed a lot of knowledges and explain everything she was doing, she also do it very careful and my face felt amazing, definitely coming back
Angel B.
Great new spot to go to I was struggling with acne and the owner Tania was super friendly and left me looking brand new.
Michelle R.
I recommend this place, 100%. i've been struggling with my acne about one year, since the pandemic started, the mask was giving me bacteria, Tania gave me a customized facials for my needs. Since that moment my face has improved a lot, the place is clean and she focuses on the care and improvement of the skin, not like anyone who gives you a facial, she really cares about you, and giving you the best results.